Video Screensavers

Below are nine videos available in screensaver format from six Chicago artists.
Screensavers run on Mac OS X 10.8 and later + Windows 8 and later.

Exhibition curated by Jesse Clark. Published February 14, 2016.

Stool by Jesse Clark w/ Ke Wang

Mac - PC (318.9 MB)

Bouncy Ball by Matthew Rutt

Mac - PC (157.1 MB)

Kyoto Daiichi Hotel by Jesse Clark

Mac - PC (274.6 MB)

That time dog sitting Puppy by Sam Grossinger

Mac - PC (196.5 MB)

Summit by Jesse Clark

Mac - PC (105.1 MB)

Spring Crush by Jesse Clark and Isabelle Francis McGuire

Mac - PC (725.3 MB - Large file, may run slow on older machines)

Pier by Jesse Clark

Mac - PC (192 MB)

Leaf Tornado by Ethan Skaates

Mac - PC (102.3 MB)