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Jesse posing in drag in a priate jet with a martini in hand Jesse in checkered facepaint with a checkered blazed against a white background
Kaltblut Magazine
Tush Magazine
Model with graphic black liner make up and a puffy vest against a white background Model with blue facepaint and red lips with a red hair outside in a garden
Heightened Sense
Schön Magazine
Model with graphic white and blue makeup agaist a textured blue background Model with white facepaint and red graphic makeup leaving against a brick wall
Lala Lala
Homme Boy SS21 Collection
Model with graphic black eye liner and bat wings agaist a gray background Jesse with red and white graphic makeup against a sky background
Adjust Rain
2066 for Coeval Magazine
Model with red and neautal graphic makeup against a gray background Model with cateye makeup on laying on the ground leaning against a metalic sphere looking at the camera
Split at the Seams by Alina Bea